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The future of Tennis

TopSpinDAO is creating a modern social Tennis Club. A global community of enthusiasts & players come together to create one of the largest tennis clubs - reimagining the tennis club from ground up.

TopSpin DAO


We offer different types of members to suit the type of player you are.

Club Member

Enjoy a membership to TopSpinDAO including...

  • 1x governance rights initially via Club Membership NFT
  • The right to purchase a membership at the 1st physical club TopSpinDAO acquires
  • Participating in the purchase of VIP tickets to all major tennis tournaments
  • Governance rights initially via Membership NFT
  • Access & Discounts to tennis courts, equipment, merch and more...
  • Access to members-only Discord community, including guest appareances from Tennis players, coaches and legends.
  • Access to video game & metaverse tennis games

Grand Slam Member

All of the benefits of a Club Membership plus...

  • 4x governance rights initially via Grand Slam Membership NFT
  • The right to purchase two individual memberships or one family membership at the 1st physical club TopSpinDAO acquires
  • Participating in the purchase of VIP tickets to all Grand Slam tennis tournaments
  • Access to official TopSpinDAO IRL events such as tennis outings and trips (first planned event will be in early 2023 at Wimbledon)
  • Access to club reciprocity with other Global Members who opt-in to participating
  • More to come!


Launching at Wimbledon 2022

We will kick off the minting of memberships on the first day of Wimbledon 2022

June 27 2022

We will open our membership and allow connected wallets to mint their NFT membership cards.

Late Summer 2022

Initial members will get together to lay out the foundations of the working groups and proposal structure. Brand partnership discussions will begin.

Fall 2022

Members of TopSpinDAO will form together to start creating proposals, voting and executing the roadmap. We aim to close off the year with some amazing merch drop.

Early 2023

With the DAO in full swing, we will plan an exciting year ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s an NFT?

An NFT stands for “Non-fungible token” and is a fancy way of saying it’s a unique, one-of-a-kind digital item that users can buy, own, and trade. Think of this as a unique card that can't be tampered with and that only you own, which act as a “members” card which gets you access to members-only perks.

What will be the use of the Membership Card sale proceeds?

The proceeds, after taxes, will be used to fund DAO operations, including, but not limited to...

  • Building a team, including a Chief DAO Officer and operational leadership, including course scouting, financial and acquisition planning
  • Product & engineering
  • DAO infrastructure setup and fees
  • Legal, compliance and accounting
  • Marketing, partnerships and sales
  • Community development

And of course Further initiatives as approved by the DAO members.

Funds will be converted from ETH into stablecoin shortly after the sale to avoid volatility and preserve predictable purchasing power.

What governance rights will TopSpinDAO Membership Card holders have?

The proposal, approval, and execution of non-financial TopSpinDAO matters, including, but not limited to…

  • Approval of TopSpinDAO functional operating committees
  • Physical club partnership selection process and approval, as proposed by the relevant operating committee
  • Club rules, including culture, activities, design, and overall vision
  • Club membership rules and admissions policies
  • Marketing, partnerships and sales
  • Special Projects proposed by other TopSpinDAO members